Hey, everyone! Welcome to the first article of the series called Minecraft Recap!! I am going to let you all know of the important stuff that has recently happened in the Minecraft world!!

Tommy 10 Million

TommyInnit now has 10 Million subscribers on his Minecraft channel

To top things off, TommyInnit finally reached 10,000,000 subscribers on YouTube on July 11th. The 17 year old Minecraft YouTuber has reached this well-deserved milestone just over a year after joining the Dream SMP, which skyrocketed his popularity. We can be sure that this is only the beginning of Tommy’s social media career, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Dream’s New Minecraft Manhunt

Dream posted his latest Minecraft Manhunt on July 8th in which he had to survive while being chased by five of his friends. I won’t spoil this Manhunt, but it involves a very squishy block and some overpowered gear. Give it a watch!

Ranboo in the UK?!

Ranboo and Tubbo on a presumably Minecraft stream

Ranboo finally decided to travel to the United Kingdom! On June 26th, after Coronavirus restrictions had eased, Ranboo flew to the United Kingdom and appeared on Tubbo’s stream. Throughout his stay, Ranboo has done streams and videos with many other Minecraft content creators based in the UK. Ranboo will stay there for almost four months, and he will be back in the US in time for VidCon 2021 in late October.


 BadBoyHalo, Skeppy, and Captain Puffy released their Youtooz merchandise on June 29th. Bad’s were three big plushies (two with his adorable dog Rat), Skeppy’s was a figure of him holding a diamond, and Puffy’s was one of her in her quintessential pirate outfit.

Minecraft Championship 15 Announcement!

Minecraft Championship Pride

The New Minecraft Championship has been announced, and it is taking place on July 24th. Participants include InTheLittleWood, Wilbur Soot, Krinios, Smajor (who plans out the teams himself), and CaptainSparklez. All the teams and everyone in them can be found on the MCC Twitter.

Big Views for Stampy!

Stampy's most viewed Minecraft videos

This is a bit unrelated to all the other Minecraft news, but I just wanted to share this due to Stampy being my favorite YouTuber. His two most viewed videos just reached crazy milestones, with Sinking Feeling reaching sixty million views and Ocean Adventure reaching fifty million. Stampy also reached ten million subscribers on his channel back in February. Even though his channel growth has slown down tremendously, Stampy still puts out awesome videos, and I 100% recommend checking out or revisiting his channel if you haven’t already.

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