Announcement video for the Nintendo Switch OLED model

I woke up this morning to find that Nintendo had just announced an OLED model for the Switch. I was pretty shocked, as Nintendo rarely drops releases this big out of nowhere, but I guess the rumors of a new Switch model were getting too big not to be true.

This new console has a larger OLED screen, an improved kickstand, 64 gigabytes of storage instead of 32, better speakers, and…an ethernet port. It will sell for $349.99, $50 more expensive than the normal Switch.

While reading the comments of the reveal video, I found some takes from fans that are just too true. Here are ten of them.

1. Meeting at Nintendo Corporate

Nintendo HQ Switch comment

PoliBlox had exclusive access to the meeting at Nintendo that came up with this model, and this is all the execs did.

2. Joy-Con Drift on Switch

Joy-Con drift Switch comment

Johto Junkie rightly says that they’ll be beyond annoyed if the new Joy-Cons still have drift. I haven’t yet upgraded to the Pro Controller on my current console, and the drift on my Joy-Cons is the bane of my existence.

3. New Switch Is Bathroom Companion

Toilet Switch comment

Gacha Gamer is absolutely right in that this new console will be great for those that don’t want to squint while playing on the toilet.

4. Actual Criticism

Serious Switch comment

The first serious comment of the article, ENXGMA states that this new Switch is a “missed opportunity,” because as far as we know, there are no performance upgrades to this OLED model compared to the previous console.

5. Working Joy-Cons Soon?!

Joy-Con drift Switch comment 2

Alex Dul plays to the fact that the Joy-Cons of this new Switch look identical to the current Joy-Cons and will probably also have drift. Maybe next time the new model will have no drift, though!!

6. Switch Rumors…

Switch rumors comment

MaskedNintendoBandit chastises those who believed the rumors that Nintendo would create a Switch “Pro.” They bring up the good point that all rumors do is eventually let us down. Poor Jon Prosser…

7. Good Point, RT

Don't get this comment

Well-known YouTuber RTGame states that this Nintendo Switch is only worth it for those who don’t yet own one, as there’s no point buying a new model when you already have the old one just for an OLED screen and improved kickstand. I’d sadly have to agree with RT on this point.

8. What’s the Resolution, Nintendo?

Resolution comment

Giovanni says that by not stating the resolution, Nintendo is basically confirming that the new console will keep the resolution of the old one, which is 720p. While the Switch still looks sharp at 720p and saves on battery life, it would have been nice to have a better resolution with OLED.


Kickstand comment

Gio San Pedro is right on this one. This new kickstand has got me thirsting for the OLED model even though I’m perfectly fine with my original Switch.

10. Scalpers >:(

Scalpers comment

MarioYoshi 4723 states the obvious. Even if any of us decide to buy the OLED model, it’s gonna be impossible to snag it with all the scalpers in the world. Heck, it’s still impossible to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X for MSRP over six months after release! I’m preparing myself for the $800 eBay listings for this Switch…

Thanks for reading, everyone, and make sure to check out more articles on my blog!