The fandom has been blowing up over a major turn in the events, as there has been a new shock revolving Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade.

If you haven’t heard the news, Technoblade has cancer, specifically a tumor in his right arm. He addressed this in his most recent YouTube video titled “Where I’ve been”. 

A Summary of Said Video:

Techno does his ‘intro, and apologizes for the background gameplay being rusty, being that he hasn’t played Bedwars for a while. He then advertises his new plushie, which will be released on the Youtooz website on September 3rd, 2021 at 3PM EST. Next, Technoblade goes on to explain that throughout the month of July he’s been planning new content and getting new equipment for better video quality. Techno starts talking about the diagnosis afterwards. That he felt increasing pain in his arm, how he was noticing swelling and finally that he decided to go get a check-up for it on August 2nd of 2021. Lastly, he talks about chemotherapy and how he will be treated.

(for more information and full context, please go to where I’ve been)

So what does the community think about this?

I am proud to say that so far I have seen nothing but full support for Techno, and that although an unfortunate event it has also done a lot of good by raising awareness for cancer. There have been other good outcomes from this, such as Dream, BadBoyHalo, CPK/SeePeaKay, and F1NN5TER (The winners of MCC 16. A.K.A the Pink Parrots) splitting a donation of $21,000 to cancer research and 30/40 MCC 16 participants wearing a lavender bow on their Minecraft avatars to show support to Technoblade. If you want to show support to Technoblade on social media, you can use #Technosupport on any platform.

And of course, best wishes to techno, as we are all hoping for him to have a speedy recovery. <3