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Hey, everyone!! Welcome to my new website, Phineas Tech! There’s a whole bunch of stuff you can do here. You can learn about the latest in gaming and technology through our articles on Minecraft, the Dream SMP, and Apple.

On the blog, I hope to write interesting articles for you to read. Phineas Tech will have series in addition to one-off articles, including our weekly Minecraft Recaps, which I also hope to make into a newsletter for your convenience.

I will be writing articles on many different games in addition to Minecraft, such as Fortnite, GTA 5, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and even Club Penguin. Phineas Tech will also feature articles on many gaming influencers, including YouTubers and streamers.

Phineas Tech will emphasize the top news in technology as well. I will cover the latest iPhone and Mac rumors as well as stories on Android and Windows.

Get started reading at! You can check me out at