As I sat down in front of my monitor on a free evening, ready to game, a cold realization hit me: I didn’t know what to play. I’m sure most people into gaming have had this feeling before, and you might assume I felt it because I’d finished all my games. You’re wrong, though. I felt this because I had too many unfinished games.

This situation is becoming all too common in recent times. Gamers, unsure of what to play in their immense Steam libraries, pick the game most familiar to them (choice overload, basically). They get bored after a while and stop playing, and the cycle repeats next gaming session. Personally, I glance over the plethora of half-finished games on my Nintendo Switch to continue my GTA 5 save file months after I’ve already completed the story mode.

The predicament we’re in may be more harmful than you think. Sequestering yourself to only a few games, regardless of how fun they are, will result in boredom after a short while. Continuing to play even after you’ve grown tired of the game can make you less interested in gaming long-term. You might even stop gaming altogether if you keep playing the same games.

Some games we might find ourselves sticking to

The Solution to Our Gaming Issue

I get that you might feel comfortable playing a couple games. I’d currently rather be in the familiar streets of Los Santos than in the unknown lands of Hyrule. But to get out of the gaming rut a lot of us are in, we have to get out of our comfort zone and start playing more gaming titles.

Starting today, I am going to stop consistently playing GTA 5 and work on completing Breath of the Wild. I’m also going to slow down on my gaming purchases so I can get through my current titles. I hope you do the same and start getting a use out of your gaming library.