The biggest news today (for me, at least) has to be TommyInnit moving to an apartment of his own! The still-17-year-old recently moved out of his parents’ house and has found his own little place in Brighton!

Probably not the most glamorous still, but this is LITERALLY the apartment

The apartment isn’t in the greatest shape, if I must say. To begin with, the place is very tiny. Tubbo was able to kick Tommy even when he sat on the top bunk.

Another issue is the mold…a patch of the wall is SLIMY, and this is most probably due to mold. Not good, Tommy.

Tommy even has a bit of a curfew at his new place! The landlord is making him stay quiet after 8pm. This gives him arguably less freedom than when he stayed with his parents.

The scariest part of the apartment would probably be the asbestos warning Tommy noticed. If you don’t know, asbestos is a mineral used as insulation that is known for causing many types of aggressive lung cancers, including mesothelioma. And when Tommy tried bringing this up with his landlord, the man responded by saying that he’d “bring you gift” to Tommy, “for gaming.” I think some investigating needs to be done…

This very interesting landlord even gave Tommy a very thoughtful housewarming present…some marmite. I think Tommy will grow to like him (not really).

Marmite is a spread made from yeast extract that is commonly eaten in the UK

Anyway, this apartment is only going to be a temporary home for him as he searches for a more permanent place. Let’s all wish Tommy luck as he gets through this first phase of (almost) adulthood!